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I had to laugh.

We were doing the photo shoot for our March Madness spread, and the room was full of the smell of brats, mustard, onions, French fries and popcorn. The stack of vegetables was trying valiantly to hold its own against the meatballs, nachos, and chicken bites, but only the spinach dip tried to keep it company.

We teasingly called it ‘man-food,’ and that’s when our extern from the Culinary Institute of America confessed: ‘I refuse to go out with any man who will eat all this!’

Well, get ready to be dateless for a while, because we all (men and women alike) know those foods are just good. OK, maybe not particularly good for you, but it’s March Madness, and in the spirit of cheering on your team, it’s time to chow down.

So, we laughed and knew that our site users were going to love this spread. There is something for everyone, from the fresh approach to nachos to the fun toppings for popcorn.

That’s what’s happening in The Kitchens of The Food Channel.

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