Mini Burgers Made Easier

Mini Burgers Made Easier

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Mini Burgers Made Easier


By Cari Martens

Love those mini burgers that seem to be all the rage at restaurants like Applebee’s, Friday’s and Ruby Tuesday? The Big City Slider Station lets you make them at home, five at a time. And you won’t need to flip them over with a spatula. In fact, there’s no spatula required.

The Slider Station looks kind of like a muffin pan, but this gadget’s all about the meat. Here’s how it works, according to the people at Big City Slider Station. You just put your ground beef meat balls into the Slider cavities, then press down with the top section (both parts are made with nonstick aluminum). Then cook the burgers right on your stove top. No turning necessary. The Slider Station cooks both sides simultaneously. It even makes grill marks. The manufacturer claims it works just as well to create turkey, chicken or egg sandwiches.

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