More Highlights from the Food Show

More Highlights from the Food Show

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More Highlights from the Food Show


If you’ve been following the stories, you know that The Food Channel has been represented at the Fancy Food Show going on this week in New York City. Here are the highlights of the closing day of the show:

We continued to see flavor be the star of the show. It was all about waking up your taste buds with something innovative. One exaample is the Do-It-Yourself Truffle Kit from Cathy Schreiber, a former pastry chef who came up with the idea. “I kept a journal of things I would like to make, and one day I thought of kits.” Next thing you know, she was putting together the right chocolate with the right fillings and easy instructions – for both double boiler and microwave.

“People are intimidated or can’t get the right texture,” she said. “This gives them confidence . . . and a soft, creamy center.”

Or, Wicked Jack’s Tavern rum cakes. You really have to try them to understand the lure.

We also saw a lot of what we call Giving Back. For example, Brett Beach with Madecasse, who makes an “urban vanilla” from Madagascar. “Most companies only source the product,” he says. “Our goal is to go through the whole process with the people; it quadruples the profit for them.”

Luxury was another hot seller – like the U.S. raised Beluga hybrid caviar, “for the fantasies we all have.” Or the truffles . . . one of them valued at $600 (no, not the boxed ones – you are safe to order one of those!).

We came across a few more of the passionate family-owned products, like Zeke Freeman with Bee Raw Honey. His business is family-run, with unusual flavors of honey, like buckwheat. “The bees are placed in patches,” he explains, “and they collect the nectar, which gives it flavor and texture.”

And Winanne and Barry Conway of Bear-Man, with their own line of BBQ sauces and rubs. “He used his own recipe,” says Winanne, “and it was unusual enough that we developed into this!”

We’ll have plenty more from these and other interesting companies – check back often as we share what we saw and learned at this ultimate food show!


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