Peek Inside a Pork Farm

Peek Inside a Pork Farm

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Peek Inside a Pork Farm


By Lindsey Klingele for Meatingplace. Used by permission.

The Ohio pork industry is aiming to give consumers a new perspective on pork production through, a Web site that takes a deeper look at production facilities across the state.

Created through a partnership between the Ohio Pork Producers Council and the Ohio Soybean Council, the site features short videos that each highlight a different pork operation in Ohio. The videos give in-depth tours of the different facilities, but also cover hot topics such as animal care, the environment and social issues affecting pork production operations.

“Our goal is to address misperceptions about modern pork production,” said Jennifer Keller, director of marketing for the OPPC. “Through the Ohio Pork Tour, we’re opening the doors and inviting people to see what’s going on at Ohio’s swine farms.”

The site posts a video from a different farm each month, and aims to have 12 videos total up and running by October. also answers frequently asked questions and provides links to other educational resources.


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