Playing With Food

Playing With Food

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Playing With Food


By Cari Martens

Here’s another fun way to play with your food! It’s a goofy (but addictive) little hand game in the shape of a Japanese favorite, edamame. If you are in need of a Pacifier, where you can make the world go away, this might be a product for you.

The Mugen Edamame, made by Bandai Asovision, are a spinoff from the Mugen Puchi Puchi toy that is essentially virtual bubblewrap. The edamame game calls for you to push beans inside the pod. According to Killian-Nakamura, “each one pops out individually and shows one of twelve random faces with a variety of characters.

If you like your peas in a pod, this just might be the game for you.

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