Plotting a Thrifty Thanksgiving

Plotting a Thrifty Thanksgiving

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Plotting a Thrifty Thanksgiving


As the holiday season gets underway, rising food prices and an economy in crisis have folks in a decidedly more frugal state of mind this year. But that doesn’t mean your Thanksgiving dinner needs to be in the Charles Dickens mold, with your children holding out empty plates and pleading ‘more, please?’ A little planning and smart strategy will help keep your holiday mood upbeat and your bank account intact.

Here’s what’s happening as the calendar counts down to Thanksgiving 2008.

â‹… According to trade publication Advertising Age, about 20% of people surveyed said they would be spending less for holiday meals this year, which is nearly double the number who said that last year.

â‹… A whopping 91% said they would be buying private label (store brand) foods this year, which again is nearly double the usual percentage.

â‹… 58% of consumers said they would clip newspaper coupons and seek out the best deals in store ads and flyers.

⋅ Discount food stores, such as Aldi and Save-a-Lot are seeing a significant increase in foot traffic. Aldi was one of the first ‘box’ or ‘no-frills’ stores, with limited inventory and rock-bottom prices. TIME magazine recently called Aldi the ‘Grocer for the Recession.’

Writing for The Dollar Stretcher, K.M. Praschak says a bit of forward thinking can help hold down Thanksgiving food costs. Get organized, get methodical and you’ll not only spend less, you’ll have less stress.


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