Pork Checkoff Releases New Videos

Pork Checkoff Releases New Videos

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Pork Checkoff Releases New Videos


By Ann Bagel Storck for Meatingplace. Used by permission.

The video-sharing Web site YouTube can be a great place to observe the weird and wacky, but now its visitors also can learn something about pork.

The Pork Checkoff recently released three new videos on YouTube to answer consumers’ questions about animal care, feeding, transport and more, the National Pork Board announced.

The videos, which run one to two minutes each, feature pork producers and industry experts answering consumer questions on animal care issues. They include “Pig Farmers Take Action” (which focuses on animal health and well-being, including Pork Quality Assurance Plus), “Ride Along with a Pig” (which shows why transportation is an important issue for pork producers) and “Pigs Are Hungry, Too” (which addresses pigs’ nutritional needs and requirements for optimum care).

“Sites like YouTube allow messages to spread around the world faster than you can blink,” says Steve Weaver, vice president of the National Pork Board. “I’m extremely proud of the YouTube videos the Pork Checkoff has created to help us tell our story.”


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