Portability Hits Spices

Portability Hits Spices

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Portability Hits Spices


By Cari Martens

If this sounds like you, you’ll agree this is a brilliant idea:

  • If you’ve ever searched a cluttered cabinet for one elusive spice and felt as if you’re conducting

an archeological dig …

  • If you found that wayward spice and realized you bought it so long ago it had about as much flavor

as last summer’s grass clippings …

  • If you know how it feels to reach a critical point in your recipe and discover the measuring spoon is

missing in action …

Then perhaps you need TspSpices. They call it “spice enlightenment.” It’s another tale of two women who got tired of facing a problem and came up with a solution. These are spice packets that go with everything – especially an active, go-anywhere lifestyle. We consider it perfect for today’s “Pop-Up Lifestyle,” where we want things to be readily available and waiting for us.

You’ll find it especially interesting if you are one of those who doesn’t like to throw out bottles of spices. I agree – they’re expensive to stock up on, so it’s hard to throw them out even if they are old. Using these organic spices in pre-measured, single use packages could be the answer. These little guys could even go camping or traveling!

Think about it the way they do: “We welcome you to thinking outside of the bottle.”

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