Presidential Sweets Enter the Race

Presidential Sweets Enter the Race

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Presidential Sweets Enter the Race


Everything’s getting so political this time of year. Even food. Recently, Baskin-Robbins came out with two new ice cream flavors in honor of the two presidential candidates: ‘Whirl of Change,’ aimed at supporters of Democratic candidate Barack Obama and ‘Straight Talk Crunch’ for backers of the GOP candidate, John McCain. Visitors to its website can vote for their favorite flavor.

Now Mrs. Beasley’s is selling candidate cookies, which feature a full-color picture of Senators McCain or Obama. They’re sugar cookies, and all reports are they’re delicious. But we’re wondering, are you supposed to eat the candidate cookie you support, or vice-versa? Guess it’s all in how you look at it. According to The Fast Food Maven, reporting in the Orange County Register, the cookies are selling so well, Mrs. Beasley’s has now introduced Sarah Palin and Joe Biden cookies and cupcakes. The cupcakes are 6 for $25.95 and the cookies are $21.95 for a half dozen.

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