Tracking Criminals Through Their Diet

Tracking Criminals Through Their Diet

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Tracking Criminals Through Their Diet


By Cari Martens

If you have criminal tendencies, perhaps you should watch what you eat. New scientific procedures show that the saltier the diet, the more corrosion you leave behind on metal . . . which means the better identification you leave behind! A report from the BBC says that a new technique being used by law enforcement relies on fingertip sweat, which corrodes metal. Unlike traditional fingerprints, which can be wiped away or fade in heat, an impression left from sweat is not so easily removed and, in fact, gets more distinct if exposed to high temperatures.

Dr. John Bond, who developed the method, is quoted as saying, “So the sweaty fingerprint impression you leave when you touch a surface will be high in salt if you eat a lot of processed foods – the higher the salt, the better the corrosion of the metal.” So far the process only applies to metal but officials are studying ways to track criminals through sweat as part of “intelligent fingerprinting.”

Our advice to would-be bank robbers: leave the potato chips at home.

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