RSS and and Videos from The Food Channel

RSS and and Videos from The Food Channel

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RSS and and Videos from The Food Channel


It has been an active couple weeks for us behind The Food Channel. We make little additions everyday, but often they are programmatic and only visible to those of us with the big Food Channel To Do List. Now, however, we have a new video section as well as RSS feeds from around the site.

Video: The Kitchens are abuzz most days, with the Chefs creating new dishes and menu suggestions. We want to highlight some of the great culinary personalities at The Food Channel, and we’ve been dabbling with video, trying to keep up, as they rarely stand still long enough to pose for a photo.

We’ve brought the camera on the road with us to The Fancy Food Show and taken it into our backyard. As it turns out, we’ve been having so much fun, we thought we make a lot more and give video its own section. Stay tuned!

!(left border)/files/0001/1983/fc_rss_thumb.jpg!RSS: Really Simple Syndication – it has “simple” right in the name! Well, it finally made it to the top of the list. For those of you looking for The Food Channel in your reader; the wait is finally over.

We have two main types of RSS feeds. All-You-Can-Eat Buffet: All Recipes or All Stories, and for the more refined palette, Category-Specific feeds. For example, grabbing the feed at any story will get you all stories, but the RSS feed from a category page like Hot & Cool Trends by CultureWaves™ will pull only stories (or recipes) from that category. Enjoy!

Twitter: When reading isn’t enough, talk back to us on Twitter. We’ll try to stay online at food shows or while we’re munching away at a swanky New York restaurant . . . or a mom & pop in the back hills of Tennessee. We have an intra-kitchen battle going between the iPhone or Blackberry, but either way, we’ll keep you up-to-the-minute on the adventures of The Food Channel.

Email a friend: When The Food Channel is too tasty to keep to yourself, e-mail a friend! At the top of every recipe or story, we have added an e-mail feature next to the social bookmarking. A significant amount of our visitors come from people sharing their Food Channel finds with others! Thanks; we’ll try to continue to be share-worthy.

Newsletters: We’ve been sending out our _TrendWire_â„¢ Industry newsletter since back when people actually used stamps, but recently we’ve added the new _FoodWire_®, our newsletter for everyone. Our inaugural issue has hit InBoxes, but we’re always looking for new ways to bring a richer experience to you.

These are the latest improvements at The Food Channel. Let us know what more you’d like to see.


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