"Scratch and Sniff" Becomes "Remove and Lick"

"Scratch and Sniff" Becomes "Remove and Lick"

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"Scratch and Sniff" Becomes "Remove and Lick"


By Cari Martens

Make sure you know where your People Magazine has been. We’re seeing the next generation of food product advertising: lickable ads.

Welch’s Grape Juice brand is one of the first companies to work with First Flavor, a small, privately held company that has developed this technology.

I actually saw this ad just this morning while in a waiting room, and did a double take when I saw “Lick”…to think that someone else could have broken the seal. As a story in the Wall Street Journal says, it could just as easily become “ick.” Eeewwww, but still, adding scents and tastes to get your attention is a trend that we are seeing more and more. I am curious…who knows what the next lickable ad will be?

If this has whetted your appetite for grape juice, try Welch’s recipes!

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