Skillet Lets You Get a Handle On Heat Levels

Skillet Lets You Get a Handle On Heat Levels

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Skillet Lets You Get a Handle On Heat Levels


By Cari Martens

Want your pancakes to turn out perfectly every time? Unsure of what, exactly, ‘medium heat’ means? Sounds like you’re one of those people who demand precision in cooking.

Then you may want to look into the Digital Thermometer Pan from ThinkGeek. This frying pan has a built-in thermometer with a readout right on the handle, so you can see the temperature of the pan as you’re cooking. With a little cooking experience, the manufacturer claims, you’ll soon know the exact right temperature for perfect pancakes, or eggs sunny side up. You’ll be in control.

The skillet is nonstick and works on direct heat (gas, electric or halogen) and induction cooktops. It shows the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celcius.

The Digital Thermometer Pan. You could say it’s “out of the frying pan and into the future!”

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