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Soup's On!

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Soup's On!


When the icy winter winds blow and the sky becomes a slate gray backdrop for barren trees, it’s time to put on a bulky woolen sweater and get a nice pot of soup on the stove. For some folks that might mean opening up a red-and-white can and dumping it in a pan. But for many people it means chopping up meats and veggies, and scouring the pantry for just the right spices and other ingredients to create a nourishing, warming bowl of homemade winter comfort. Some like it creamy, some like it broth-y…just as long as it’s hot and savory.

According to statistics, nearly one-third of all soup is consumed during the winter months. Not surprising, of course. Nothing warms the soul like a bowl of steaming hot soup. So to celebrate this season of soup, the chefs of The Food Channel have cooked up a batch of Winter Soup Recipes you may want to add to your repertoire. Happy slurping!

White Bean, Bacon and Spinach Soup
High in fiber and big on flavor, this robust soup is a meal in itself—a superb choice for a wintertime lunch or dinner.


Tuscan Vegetable and Bread Soup
Hearty Italian ribollita pairs the fresh & healthy flavor of Italian vegetables with rich chicken broth, cannellini beans, fresh herbs, rustic bread and Parmesan cheese for a satisfying one-dish meal.


Onion Soup Gratinee
This hearty and rich soup is easy to make and has a dramatic presentation. Use leftover bread slices that have been left out to dry for a couple of days for the best results. By using low sodium broth you can season according to your own preference.

Zesty Black Bean Soup
Latin American-inspired black bean soup features rich broth, black beans seasoned with cumin, and a Caribbean ‘sofrito’ of chopped bell peppers, onions and garlic sautéed in olive oil. Serve piping-hot garnished with lime sour cream, chopped tomatoes and fresh cilantro.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Smoky Bacon
This rustic soup comes alive with the flavor of sweet caramelized roasted pumpkin or butternut squash. Its golden-yellow color and garnish of smoky-sweet crumbled bacon makes this a real eye-popper and show stopper.


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