TechCrunch50 and the Food Channel

TechCrunch50 and the Food Channel

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TechCrunch50 and the Food Channel


OK, let’s be upfront. I’m writing this blog post about Techcrunch 50 to go public with our appreciation for Techcrunch (that, and to see if we can get a ticket to the conference, to be held September 8-10 in San Francisco). The challenge was issued and we are really good at rising to the challenges.

The Food Channel®.com is a start up – while we’ve owned the domain for years, it was just a few short months ago that we created this new consumer site. While doing it, we’re also writing software (yes, software, not just code) and following through on some amazing and innovative ideas. The site is all about the food, but behind the scenes, it’s also about the technology.

And, we’re learning. So we are avid readers of everything possible as we try to keep up with the pace of technology growth. Besides our culinary expertise, our crew includes artists, a couple of trained architects, writers, designers, marketers, and more who introduce each other to non-traditional resources. A long time before we opened the site, Techcrunch was one of those resources.

Thanks to it, we’ve been able to keep up on the newest applications, the coolest start ups, and the most interesting (and smart) people. We’ve figured out there are no dumb questions (well, maybe a few), and a lot of enlightened ideas. We’ve learned that there are a bunch of people who have been part of creating a new American work environment, and we are pleased to count ourselves part of it.

So, our top ten reasons?

10. We are already fans.

9. We like San Francisco.

8. We want more people to know about us.

7. We appreciate innovation.

6. We need to get out more.

5. We know good food if you want to eat with us.

4. We want to get smarter.

3. We think we have something to offer in the discussions.

2. We like to experiment (case in point).

1. We never turn down a reasonable challenge.

And we are hungry (notice, this is still a food site) for more. We want to learn from others, see what it takes to be a success, and, yes, get the chance to tell people of influence about The Food Channel®’s new Web site. We follow them on Twitter, after all . . . isn’t it time we met?


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