The Food Channel is on Twitter

The Food Channel is on Twitter

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The Food Channel is on Twitter


We’re now on Twitter.

What does that mean? Twitter is essentially blogging in real time. That means you can provide a continual, up-to-the-minute status report on what you are doing, reading, thinking about. For The Food Channel, it’s a way to let our loyal followers be the first to know when we post something we find particularly fun. It’s also a way to provide short updates about activities that may never make it to the site – foodie places we visit, or quick bites (literally) of food we are testing. It’s microblogging at its best – and just another way to share in The Food Channel experience.

Join us by signing up at – it’s free, and you can Twitter using your computer or your mobile phone. Be sure to ‘follow’ The Food Channel, and let us know if you have a food blog – after all, we may want to ‘follow’ you, too!

Twitter also offers Twitpics, like the one below. We’ll be watching for food photos, and will be experimenting, so stay tuned!

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