The New Face of Networking

The New Face of Networking

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The New Face of Networking


Bob Noble, CEO of The Food Channel®, periodically gives his perspective on current food news and events.

FohBoh, which is short for Front-of-the-House, Back-of-the-House, is adopting the hugely popular concept behind Facebook and other networking sites and turning it into a very social business-to-business networking tool. Their mission is to build, in their words, ‘the world’s largest and most vibrant online restaurant industry community to help you, our members, succeed.’

They are well on their way. They now have over 7,000 members and with over 13 million full and part time U.S. employees in the restaurant industry, they have plenty of room to grow. Oh, did I mention they are global? When you take the concept worldwide, and they are, you can see that this is big thinking.

Recently I attended a gathering sponsored by FohBoh during the NRA in Chicago, and I must say, they are an impressive organization. I’ve been telling everybody about the site and see it as having great potential for good as it expands to restaurant chains and suppliers to the industry.

It’s hard to describe Fohboh it has so many facets, you really should just go there and check it out. One of the most intriguing aspects to me is how you can accrue points redeemable for shadow stock in FohBoh. As they say, ‘We believe in sharing the wealth with our members who will help us create Fohboh’s value.’ This strikes me as open-source business building with everybody getting a chance to not only contribute, but also to dip their beak into the entrepreneurial well.

The restaurant business has always been a tight-knit community; now the whole world is getting a chance to sit around the digital kitchen table and socialize—and everyone is welcome.

If you want to hear a little more, take their audio tour.

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