Everything On the Kitchen Sync

Everything On the Kitchen Sync

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Everything On the Kitchen Sync


By Cari Martens

It’s only a concept, but I think you’ll be standing in line for this one. The washable kitchen computer is a definite meet-me-where-I-am idea, and very cool.

Think about it. More and more of your recipes come from online, from sites such as The Food Channel, right? But we don’t always have a kitchen computer, or want to risk our sensitive keyboard in an environment prone to spills.

Noah Balmer is the designer of The Kitchen Sync, and he is essentially proposing what one reviewer calls a “new kitchen appliance – a small, flexible, washable screen with a dock.” According to the reviewer, who saw the concept demonstrated, “You can download recipes directly and follow links to buy necessary products and see tips online. The Kitchen Sync brings new web recipes together with the old-fashioned cookbook, with no need for laborious printing or sticky laptop screens and keyboards. It’s wireless and very kitchen-friendly – our pick for the cookbook of the future!”

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