The Smell of Banana Bread in the Morning

The Smell of Banana Bread in the Morning

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The Smell of Banana Bread in the Morning


Maybe it was the poll we had on the other day – the one asking what you do with your brown bananas. The majority responded that they make banana bread. It’s what we would expect from a Food Channel crowd, because you like to cook and you are anything but wasteful.

Whatever the impetus, I bought extra bananas and let them get nice and old. Then, on Saturday morning, I pulled out my stoneware loaf pans and my favorite banana bread recipe, which came originally an old Good Housekeeping Cookbook that is dog-earred and stained. Soon the smell was wafting through the house and the primary eater of the household was heading up from his basement office saying, ‘What smells so good?’

I’d added a few things to my standard recipe – a few handfuls of pecans, a big scoop of cran-raisins, and just a taste of mini-chocolate chips. We sliced into it while it was still warm, added cups of hot chocolate, and called it lunch.

It’s a scene that is repeated throughout households all over the world – pulling something out of the oven while noses are sniffing the air in anticipation. Great smells, great tastes, and delicious food. Nothing better.

That’s what’s been cooking in my kitchen. How about in yours?


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