There's a New Pickle in Town

There's a New Pickle in Town

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There's a New Pickle in Town


Del Monte Pickles has now extended its reach in the Mid-Atlantic region, including the states of Pennsylvania and Virginia. Del Monte Pickles, produced by veteran pickle producer M.A. Gedney Company and sold under the Del Monte label (through a license agreement from Del Monte Foods), are now available at the over 300 Super Valu stores in the Mid-Atlantic area. These include; Farm Fresh, Shoppers and Farmers stores in Virginia and Acme, Redners, Boyers, Kleins, Karns, Advantage, Aharts, Drexeline, and Tri State stores in Pennsylvania.

Del Monte pickles provide consumers with traditional and new varieties – those featured in the Mid-Atlantic are:

  • Del Monte Zinger Spears
  • Del Monte Kosher Spears
  • Del Monte State Fair Sweet B&Bs
  • Del Monte Hot & Sweet Zinger Chips
  • Del Monte Kosher Babies
  • Del Monte B&B Slices
  • Del Monte State Fair Garlic Baby Dills, and
  • Del Monte Sweet Relish made with real sugar

‘For thousands of years, pickled cucumbers have been a popular, healthy food,’ said Joe Pinto, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for M.A. Gedney Company. ‘We are proud to continue that tradition by offering our unique recipes in a wide array of flavors and sizes to pickle lovers in Virginia and Pennsylvania. Whether as a topping, side dish or flavorful ingredient, Del Monte Pickles are the perfect addition to any menu… especially during the outdoor dining season.’

Pickles are naturally low in calories, fat free and very low in cholesterol. Pickles are also a good source of Vitamin A, Iron, Potassium, Manganese and, according to Nutrition Data, which generates information for labeling standards required by the FDA, they are a good source of dietary fiber, Vitamin K and Calcium.

Recipes using pickles and relish are available at


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