Top Ten Trends: Foodie 2.0

Top Ten Trends: Foodie 2.0

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Top Ten Trends: Foodie 2.0



The Food Channel® presents its Top Ten Food Trends for 2009. The list is based on research conducted by The Food Channel in conjunction with the World Thought Bank found at, and the International Food Futurists™.

People want a community around food, and they are getting it virtually. This includes food websites with direct-to-Internet TV and greater interactivity, iPhone apps related to food; refined shopping lists that are mobile and may even include a running list of what’s in your cupboard. Food blogging sites, Twitter exchanges, amateur restaurant reviewers on Yelp, and recipe widgets (with coupons) are all gaining popularity.

The other side of this is the non-virtual community, where people are returning to potlucks and eating together. Expect to see some bartering with food, and increased coops where people come together to exchange their specialties in order to come up with a whole meal. We’ll see more buying in bulk and a likely uptick in home freezer sales.

Sample Evidence:

Yelp Your Way to the Best Restaurants

Talking Back to the TV and Getting a Pizza

Fast Food Giants Intro New Digital Apps

Are You Ready to Yelp?

Let’s Eat Puts Small Eateries on the Web

Match Your City With Your Budget

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