From Us to You: More Foodie Gift Ideas

From Us to You: More Foodie Gift Ideas

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From Us to You: More Foodie Gift Ideas


Need some last minute gift ideas? We’ve got a few more holiday foodie gift suggestions, straight from the elves who work here in the Kitchens of The Food Channel.

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bq(right){clear:none; width: 250px;}. Ancho Cumin Blackening Spice This spice blend will add zest to a variety of foods. Ideal for steaks, chicken, salmon and other proteins.

‘We’re all eating so much chicken these days, we’re constantly looking for new ways to serve it. A spice blend like this can really kick up the flavor and people appreciate receiving it as a gift.’ — Erica, our intern from the Culinary Institute of America

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bq(left){clear:none; width: 250px;}. Orange-Cranberry Butter Sweet orange marmalade and sundried cranberries combined with softened butter to create an elegant compound butter that adds festive flavor to pancakes, toast or warm dinner rolls.

‘The compound butter is SO EASY. Just blend three store-bought ingredients, portion them in nice little crocks and give as a tasty holiday gift. People love to put this kind of thing out on their holiday buffets.’ — Cari, development chef/nutritionist

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bq(right){clear:none; width: 250px;}. Cranberry Infused Vodka This cranberry infused libation imparts a striking deep red color and fresh, vibrant cranberry flavor—perfect for many a seasonal cocktail.

“And the Cranberry Infused Vodka is especially fun to give as party hostess gift.” — Cari

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bq(left){clear:none; width: 250px;}. Indian Rice Here’s a welcome break from the typical rice or potato dish. This exotically scented, lightly flavored rice is a delicious accompaniment to saucy vegetable, chicken, and pork dishes.

‘Here’s another foodie gift that lets me expose people to flavors they may not have experienced before. This rice dish is inexpensive to give, but will be well received.’ — Dennis, chef

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bq(right){clear:none; width: 250px;}. Caramelized Honey Sauce with Walnuts & Ginger Rich golden caramelized honey sauce with rich dark brown sugar, vanilla, chunky pieces of toasted walnuts and crystallized ginger tastes wonderful drizzled over French toast or waffles!

‘I enjoy giving this gift because I know this is something they don’t already have. And it’s so versatile! You can drizzle it over cakes and ice cream, breakfast breads and toast. I just love it.’ — Gail, corporate executive chef

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bq(left){clear:none; width: 250px;}. Vanilla Infused Sugar The combining of two simple pantry ingredients creates a wonderful holiday food gift that is rich in flavor and aroma.

“I just think this is a neat gift because it’s so simple to put together and yet it’s so practical. The sugar is ideal for holiday baking, but it’s also great for spooning onto cereal and lots of other stuff.” — Christen, video producer

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bq(right){clear:none; width: 250px;}. Spiced Pecans Spiced Nuts are a popular munchie during the holiday season. They’re a great alternative to candy, and sure to be welcomed as a holiday savory.

“Our family goes a little nuts around the holidays. Literally. For years my mother has part of an oranization that sells pecans as a fund raiser. So, every year I write out my check and collect my multiple bags of pecans. And every year I seem to buy more, because I’ve found another recipe calling for nuts that I just have to add to my repertoire! The spiced pecans is a favorite Food Channel recipe. I have a batch at home right now, waiting to be delivered to my neighbor.” — Kay, senior editor

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bq(left){clear:none; width: 250px;}. Nutty Chocolate Rum Truffles A decadent candy perfect for holiday giving and receiving. Chocolaty, nutty and totally yummy. — Kay

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bq(left){clear:none; width: 250px;}. Luscious Lemon Curd Lemon Curd is a classic English condiment (known over there as Lemon Cheese). It’s delightful for dipping strawberries or blueberries, or spreading on toast or biscuits.

‘I’ve given lemon curd as holiday food gift for many years. It’s such a simple recipe using basic ingredients (lemon, butter, eggs). Yet it can really plus up a holiday meal and make it more special.’ — Judy, chief culinary officer


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