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Try a Taste


You’ll find some delicious food pictured on our pages right now for two holidays – Easter and St. Patrick’s Day. I can say it’s delicious because I think I tasted it all.

I had corned beef and cabbage AND a bite of Reuben sandwich. I had a brownie mudslide, and a popover with warm citrus butter melting into its crevasses. And the asparagus was perfectly done with . . . well, just try it yourself.

In between bites, we managed to make a bit of progress on website improvements, too.

You’ll notice that our new recipe pages are up, giving you categories so that you can search more quickly for the type of menu you need. We continue to tweak this and will add more categories as we add recipes to our database.

Note that we continue in ‘Beta,’ or test mode, while we grow. Your encouragement and emails mean a lot and have helped us prioritize what comes next. You’ll be seeing all kinds of changes as we continue to cook, both great food and great ideas!

What’s cooking in your kitchen?


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