Water From Thin Air

Water From Thin Air

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Water From Thin Air


By Cari Martens

You’ve probably seen the space age water harvesting systems that rely on things such as atmospheric conditions in order to produce drinkable water. Now there is a home version. The WaterMill is a small, relatively simple home appliance that draws moisture from the outside air and condenses it into fresh potable water. The WaterMill claims the ability to produce 3.2 gallons of drinking water a day – enough for a family of six.

And, it’s efficient. According to Element Four, the WaterMill has an average operating cost of 35 cents a day, as opposed to bottled water which averages around $4 per day for a similar amount. the WaterMill is said to be ready for home use next year, and they are reportedly working on units, “for everything from crop irrigation to peace keeping and disaster relief available in the near future.”

Drink up.

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