Looking Good Enough to Eat

Looking Good Enough to Eat

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Looking Good Enough to Eat


Are you a foodie? You’re on this site, so odds are good that you are. And are you planning to attend a Halloween costume party this year? OK, then why not go as food?

In this Internet Age, you can find plenty of ready-made costumes that let you demonstrate your passion for food or drink. One great site is www.brandsonsale.com. Want to show up as lunch meat? There’s a ‘Fulla Bologna’ outfit that may fit you to a T. Or you could go as a T-Bone Steak. That’s a good USDA choice.

Or perhaps you’d like to go as a can of SPAM.

You could even hand out “recipes”:/search?search%5Bsearch_term%5D=SPAM&search%5Bsearch_type%5D=Recipe&x=12&y=11 as part of your schtick. Now that would be awesome. Your significant other could ‘complete you’ by dressing as a loaf of Wonder Bread—builds strong bodies 12 ways. There’s also a ‘Mansandwich’that lets you come pre-assembled.

You can dress as a Deviled Egg (complete with horns and tail).

Or salute our neighbors from south of the border by coming as a taco.

You can also start teaching your baby to eat right by dressing the child as a banana or strawberry.

Or start looking ahead to next month’s big holiday and dress the little tyke up as a Thanksgiving turkey.

Whoever said ‘You are what you eat’ probably didn’t have this in mind. But I’d bet they’d think it was a delicious idea.


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