What Can I Substitute For Cheese Soup?

What Can I Substitute For Cheese Soup?

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What Can I Substitute For Cheese Soup?



Many casserole recipes use Southwestern Pepperjack Cheese soup. I hear Campbell’s has stopped making it, so what can we substitute? Thank you,


This Southwestern Pepperjack Cheese soup has been a popular ingredient in many recipes that can be found online. We have contacted Campbell’s to confirm the anecdotal information that the soup has been discontinued. Although we cannot guarantee availability, you can apparently order it online at Foodlocker if you are willing to pay the additional costs.

In our check of the grocery store aisles, you can still buy a regular Cheddar Cheese Soup and add seasonings (such as pepperjack cheese, to taste, and a can of diced chilis) to the recipe. In some casserole recipes, you may try adding up to a 1/2 cup of salsa if you want a stronger tomato component. That substitute should work in most casserole recipes calling for a can of this particular style of cheese soup.

You could also try the Fiesta Nacho Cheese soup, which is labeled as, “For Southwest Style Cooking.” That’s the soup used in the Campbell’s recipe for “Nacho Mac’ and Cheese”:http://www.campbellkitchen.com/recipedetail.aspx?recipeSource=search&recipeID=26216&page=0&index=7&SearchText=%2b%22Fiesta+Nacho+Cheese+soup%22%7c%7cnacho+soup&LastIndex=false, pictured left.

We’ve seen blog reports that people are using Cream of Chicken soup and adding pepperjack cheese and chilis, or using a prepared queso cheese dip (which can produce a thinner consistency, so you may need to adjust other ingredients accordingly). Campbell’s offers a number of recipes using cheese soup at its “website”:http://www.campbellkitchen.com/RecipeSearch.aspx?searchText=cheese%20soup.

Without testing, we don’t know for sure how close these suggestions may come to replicating the original SW Pepperjack Cheese Soup. If any of our readers have ideas, we’d welcome comments.


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