What's the Best Way to Store Cookies?

What's the Best Way to Store Cookies?

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What's the Best Way to Store Cookies?


Question: I want to know what is the best way to store “crispy/crunchy” cookies so they keep their “crisp” and for a more “cake-like” cookie. What is the best way to keep them as close to “fresh-baked” as possible. – Sidney


First rule of thumb: store different kinds of cookies in different containers—never together. Beyond that, it doesn’t matter what kind of container you use as long as you have a tight seal that will keep air out. So, you want tins or plastic containers with a tight lid, or plastic bags with a resealable lock. We don’t recommend storing cookies in the refrigerator unless they have a dairy-based filling, but freezing cookies often leads to a delicious and unexpected taste sensation if you bite into them cold. And, you are less tempted to eat too many, because they’ll stay ‘fresh’ longer.

Now, get that hand out of the cookie jar!

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