A "Lie Detector" for Decaf Drinks

A "Lie Detector" for Decaf Drinks

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A "Lie Detector" for Decaf Drinks


By Cari Martens

Ever wonder if the ‘decaf’ drink you’re sipping is truly free of caffeine? Well, Silver Lake Research Corporation of Monrovia, Calif., has come up with a device that makes it easy to check for yourself. We discovered it at medGadget.com.

D+cafâ„¢ Test Strips uses technology similar to pregnancy test strips. You simply dip them into your coffee, tea, or cola and it will let you know whether your 6-ounce cup of Joe has more than 20mg of caffeine. The company claims the strips are 98% accurate.

The product can be used for hot or cold beverages. It comes 20 strips to a package and the company claims that the D+caf strips reveal the test results in as little as 30 seconds.

Sounds like a cool new product for people on caffeine-restricted diets, or for folks who are just naturally suspicious.

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