Sale Price, Tax, Calories, and Fat

Sale Price, Tax, Calories, and Fat

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Sale Price, Tax, Calories, and Fat


By Cari Martens

You know how some wiseguy servers upon presenting the check will say something like ‘Well, here’s the damages’? The Nutricate is kind of like that.

Primarily targeted to the Quick Service Restaurant industry, the Nutricate system is new technology that automatically prints nutritional information about the food items purchased by the customer right on the sales receipt. Jamie Hartford first reported on the system at

Restaurant operators can set up the system to print as much or as little nutritional content as they wish from the following categories: calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein. And it can be very precise. If the customer elects to ‘hold the mayo’ from a sandwich, that calorie and/or fat amount will be subtracted on the receipt.

The Nutricate was developed by Jay Ferro, a founding partner in Santa Barbara-based fast-casual restaurant, Silvergreens. It enables restaurateurs to provide nutrition information to their customers, but on the operators’ own terms.

Critics have noted that by the time the customer gets the information, it’s too late. They’ve already bought the food. But Ferro says it affects future purchase behavior. Instead of the side of fries, on their next visit they may decide to order the fruit salad.

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