A New Potato That's Really New!

A New Potato That's Really New!

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A New Potato That's Really New!


By Cari Martens

We’ve all heard of New Potatoes, but scientists in Dundee, Scotland, claim to have developed a new potato—as in an all-new strain of potato—that could be a real breakthrough in eco-friendliness.

It is said to require less water and fertilizer than other types of potatoes and is being called a ‘farming milestone.’ As first reported by the BBC News Channel, scientists at the Scottish Crop Research Institute say the new oval-shaped Vales Sovereign potato is resistant to disease, and is cheap and easy to grow.

Jonathan Corbett, buyer for supermarket chain Tesco, said ‘This potato is a milestone in farming history as it will allow growers a large yield for a relatively small outlay.’ The eco-friendly potato was bred in Scotland, and, says Corbett, ‘may one day go down in agricultural history.’

We haven’t seen this much excitement over potatoes since Dan Quayle was Vice President.

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