All in All, It's Just Another Fish in The Wall

All in All, It's Just Another Fish in The Wall

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All in All, It's Just Another Fish in The Wall


Talk about frozen in time! A new campaign encouraging British citizens to eat more frozen food has captured the fancy of Londoners and tourists alike with its gigantic wall of ice on the city’s South Bank.

Frozen in the great wall for all to see are lobsters and carrots, peaches and broccoli, cherries and potatoes. As reported in the London Mail Online, the wall is situated outside of the Royal Festival Hall to promote the new website of the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF),

Chilling advice from a panel of experts.

The site features a variety of experts offering families advice on coping with the recessionary economy with the help of frozen foods.

  • Financial expert Cesarina Holm-Kander says you can save money by investing in your freezer. It helps you to portion foods, avoid waste, and lets you stock up when freezable foods go on sale.
  • Caterer Oliver Clifford Brown suggests taking a new look at the frozen foods aisle, and extols the ‘freshness’ of frozen foods. He advises better planning for less frequent trips to the market.
  • Health food and nutrition expert Yvonne Bishop-Weston notes that frozen items are generally on par and sometimes higher in vitamins and minerals than their equivalents sold fresh. For instance, spinach, if left unfrozen, has generally already lost 75% of its vitamin C by the time it reaches your plate. If frozen, the nutrient loss in spinach is reduced to less than 20%.

Regardless of the relative economic merits of frozen foods, we hope that the cold weather holds in London, if only for art’s sake.



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