Top Ten Trends: Brewing Business

Top Ten Trends: Brewing Business

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Top Ten Trends: Brewing Business


The Food Channel® presents its Top Ten Food Trends for 2009. The list is based on research conducted by The Food Channel in conjunction with the World Thought Bank found at, and the International Food Futurists™.

We see this as a return to core business for foodservice, which will lead to a divide between the exotic and the day-to-day food needs. We have tasted luxury and found that as a daily diet, it’s not worth the price difference.

When it comes to our daily dose of caffeine, fast food chains such as McDonald’s will continue to go after the specialty coffee crowd, but the Starbucks experience of an ‘affordable luxury’ will still have a certain cache. We’ll end up with a greater divide between the exotic brews that are far removed from fast food, and the daily fix at a lesser price.

This same divide will be seen in other areas besides beverages. Dark chocolate, for example, has the plebian variety and the more exotic, even ‘green’ variety from which to choose. We may find ourselves forgoing flavor in favor of our budget, but will allow ourselves the occasional indulgence.

It’s a return to being serious about our business models and sticking to them.

Sample Evidence:

Eating Out a Luxury or an Experience

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