Ancient Cooking Method Makes a Comeback

Ancient Cooking Method Makes a Comeback

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Ancient Cooking Method Makes a Comeback


By Cari Martens

Hot stone cooking has been around for centuries. Used by Vikings and the ancient Egyptians, the stone method of food preparation is ready to rock once more.

Popular for some time in the UK and Europe, restaurants featuring at-your-table stone grilling are now popping up around the U.S. and Canada. The Stone Grille Restaurant and Bar in Clementon, NJ, is a good example. The eatery promotes its ‘healthy and hip Stonegrill style of cooking…where everyone enjoys cooking on these heated stones directly at their table.’ Guests are able to cook their steaks or other menu items just the way they like them, the restaurant boasts.

The Stonegrill & Bar (similar name/similar concept) in Sacramento, Calif., also features meals cooked on a heated stone at the guests’ table. There’s also a Stonegrill Restaurant in Vancouver, BC, that employs the same hot stone concept.

We’ve observed blog comments that your dinner continues to cook as you dine on these hot stones, so if you like your steak rare, you may need to eat quickly.

Be on the lookout for a Stone Grill restaurant opening soon in your town.

Stoning Your Steak at Home

If you’re more the eat-at-home type, you may want to look into getting your own grilling stone. There are several different choices available, !(border left)/files/0002/2051/HotStoneGrill_medium.jpg!including the Original Grill’n Stone, which is designed to be placed right on the grill rack of your gas or charcoal BBQ grill. Another option is the Hot Stone Grill (photo, left). Made in the UK, this kitchen countertop unit also features an oven-like compartment beneath the hot stone cooking surface.

Whether it’s at a restaurant or in your kitchen, it appears more steaks and chicken will be getting stoned for dinner in the days ahead.

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