Branding a Product One Flake at a Time

Branding a Product One Flake at a Time

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Branding a Product One Flake at a Time


By Cari Martens

Can you tell a Kellogg’s Corn Flake from a ‘fake flake’? Well, the Kellogg’s people are working on a way to make sure you can.

The cereal giant has become so concerned about similarly packaged supermarket brand cereals it has developed a laser that can burn its logo onto individual Corn Flakes. The concentrated laser beam creates a toasted appearance without changing the flavor.

Kellogg’s will produce trial batches before deciding whether to put some branded (literally) flakes into each box to guarantee authenticity. If the system proves to be feasible, the company may start imprinting the Kellogg’s logo on its other top selling cereals including Frosted Flakes, Special K and Bran Flakes.

The project was initiated to reinforce that Kellogg’s doesn’t produce cereals for any other brands. Speaking with London’s Daily Mail, Helen Lyons, lead food technologist for Kellogg’s, said: ‘In recent years there has been an increase in the number of brands trying to capitalize on the popularity of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.’ The company wants shoppers to clearly understand that Kellogg’s ‘does not make cereal for anyone else, ‘ she said.

Not surprising that Kellogg’s wants to protect its seminal cereal. A whopping 128 billion bowls of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes are eaten around the globe every year in the USA, the UK, Guatamala, Japan, India and many others.

Could this be the start of a major laser-branding trend? Will we soon see brands imprinted on individual potato chips, frozen peas, margarine, and prunes? Keep your eyes on what you eat.

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