Britain's 'Mr. Christmas' Celebrates Year-Round

Britain's 'Mr. Christmas' Celebrates Year-Round

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Britain's 'Mr. Christmas' Celebrates Year-Round


By Cari Martens

Every year around this time we hear and read stories about how the holiday season can be joyous but also stressful. Fighting for parking spaces at the mall, showing up for Black Friday sales at four in the morning…trying to stretch the budget to buy a present for everyone…it can be a hassle.

Try telling that to Andy Park of Melksham, Wiltshire in the UK. Mr. Park, also known as Mr. Christmas, has celebrated the Yuletide holiday every day, 365 days a year, since 1994. Why? Because it makes him happy.

However, the recessionary economy has caused Mr. Christmas to cut back a bit this year. He now enjoys a daily 4 lb. turkey instead of the 14-pounder he used to put away. He’s downsized his portions of mince pie, stuffing balls and roast potatoes, too. The 45-year-old divorced electrician and father of one has also trimmed his holiday decorations budget. He used to spend more than $17,000 annually on his Christmas fixation, he’s now reduced it to less than half that.

The culinary cutbacks have made Mr. Christmas look a bit less like Mr. Claus in the area around his waistline. Andy has dropped nearly 30 pounds in the past year. He says he feels 100 percent better at his current weight of 224 pounds.

During his Christmas obsession, Mr. Park has sent out more than 200,000 Christmas cards, and has worn out 37 electric ovens roasting all those turkeys. He also claims to have worn out 23 video recorders watching the Queen’s annual holiday speech on a daily basis.

When asked how he got started on this ‘every day is Christmas’ routine, he has a ready answer. “It was the middle of July and I was just feeling fed up. I was bored, so I went home and put the decorations up. Suddenly I was happy.” That was 16 years ago. Since then his daily regimen is to get up and have seven or eight mince pies, and a glass of sherry for breakfast. After that he opens presents he has wrapped for himself. Later on, turkey dinner and some champagne to toast the holiday season—which, for Mr. Christmas, is every season.

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