California Tortilla Offers ‘Burrito Bailout’ Plan

California Tortilla Offers ‘Burrito Bailout’ Plan

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California Tortilla Offers ‘Burrito Bailout’ Plan


By Cari Martens

East Coast quick service restaurant chain California Tortilla has its own bailout plan for the country’s struggling economy. The franchise has announced it will offer those who have recently lost their jobs a Burrito Elito card preloaded with a free burrito redeemable at any of the chain’s 36 locations.

Anyone who has recently lost their job can send a copy of their proof of termination or unemployment papers to the company to receive the card and free burrito. Paperwork dated from November 2008 will be accepted.

As first reported in the online version of trade publication QSR Magazine, Free Burrito requests will be accepted from February 9 through February 27. California Tortilla President Bob Phillips, quoted in the story, said ‘Times are tough for just about everybody.

We know one burrito won’t solve all of a person’s woes but it might put a smile on their face and that is what we are all about at California Tortilla.”

Free Burrito requests may be emailed to: bailout@californiatortilla, or mailed to California Tortilla’s World Headquarters at 20 Courthouse Square, Suite 206, Rockville, MD 20850.

We’ll have to keep watch to see if other chains follow suit.

Fortunately, this bailout plan did not require passage by the House or Senate.

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