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Olives & Oranges


Growing up in various cities around the Mediterranean gave author Sara Jenkins a chance to enjoy and appreciate recipes from places including Italy, Spain and France. In her cookbook, Olives & Oranges, Jenkins provides personal reflections about her experiences with Mediterranean cuisine.

This soft cover cookbook is loaded with history, recipes and exquisite black and white photographs. Organized by cooking time, this cookbook is perfect for all cooks, no matter the experience level. From olive oil and vinegar to cheese and spices, Jenkins begins with a description of essential ingredients in garnering the flavor of Mediterranean cooking.

The wide variety of recipes complied in this cookbook are sure to meet the needs of your taste buds whether soup, salad, pasta, fish, beef or sweets are for you. It’s time for you to experience the Mediterranean in one of Sara Jenkins popular recipes: Sweet Pumpkin and Rice Bean Soup with Creme Fraiche and Crispy Seeds, Pasta with Lemon Sole, Almonds, Capers, and Parsley, or Grilled Tuna with Tomatoes, Grilled Red Onions, and Arugula. Enjoy!


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