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Clear As Mud

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Clear As Mud


“Is there any extra dirt?”

That’s not a question you usually hear in The Kitchens of The Food Channel. However, on the day before April Fool’s Day, we were digging around for dirt on everyone!

The normally pristine chef’s coat worn by Chef Dennis Pitchford was a bit smudged, which only added to our merriment. Videographer Christen Nehmer kept saying, “Yum” and dragging us all into the mire with her. The laughter level was high – especially when a visitor stopped in and eagerly accepted a piece (yes, we resisted temptation and stopped him). All around it was a day for getting our hands dirty, understanding organic food in a new way, and doing a little harmless mudslinging.

The “dessert” does look chocolatey and creamy, doesn’t it? Trust me, it’s messy – so DO NOT feel tempted to dig in.

Let me be totally clear. This recipe is an April Fool’s joke. It is not real. Please do not create it to eat, although feel free to otherwise fool your friends – up to a point. We did this for pure, clean fun (well, maybe not clean, but certainly fun).

Clear as mud?

Oh, and Happy April Fool’s Day. May all your culinary creations be edible.


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