Passover Week. Tasty Recipes for the Holiday Table.

Passover Week. Tasty Recipes for the Holiday Table.

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Passover Week. Tasty Recipes for the Holiday Table.


Passover begins on April 8 this year—the year 5769 by the Jewish calendar. The eight-day festival includes the rich tradition of the Seder family meal on the first two nights. The holidays commemorate the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.

Food is a vital part of the celebration, and many of the different foods represent historical events.

There are a wide range of websites brimming with recipes and food suggestions for the Passover festival. We, at The Food Channel, have selected a quartet of delicious choices for your consideration.

Matzoh Ball Soup is, of course, a classic Jewish favorite. A very traditional Passover dish.

Our succulent Chicken Tagine with Prunes and Almonds would make an excellent choice for a Passover main dish.

Asparagus is a traditional Spring vegetable that is very much at home on the Passover table. Our Lemony Sesame Asparagus recipe is simple to prepare, elegant to serve.

For dessert, Poached Pears work quite nicely, serving as a sweet conclusion to the holiday meal.



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