"Climate Friendly" Labeling to Begin in Sweden

"Climate Friendly" Labeling to Begin in Sweden

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"Climate Friendly" Labeling to Begin in Sweden


By Cari Martens

Sweden will soon become the first nation to award ‘climate-friendly’ labels to qualifying food products. The goal is to get consumers to purchase ‘greener’ products, but critics contend it will result in some companies making green claims that they can’t live up to.

The program is voluntary and participating companies must prove they have reduced greenhouse gas emissions to earn the label.

Quoted on the web site, NewScientist.com, Danielle Nierenberg of Worldwatch Institute says there is still a shortage of firm figures for emissions produced when growing, processing, shipping and selling most foods. ‘Because we don’t have a lot of good scientific data, I think there’s a risk that companies will claim things they can’t back up, and ‘greenwash’ products that might not be climate friendly,’ Nierenberg says.

But Anna Richert, head of the team that developed the labeling criteria, notes that each product will be certified independently. She says they feel confident the system will not be abused.

Here’s hoping this green labeling program will make its way to the USA.

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