Day 3: Food That Made Us Go "Wow"

Day 3: Food That Made Us Go "Wow"

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Day 3: Food That Made Us Go "Wow"


Day 3 of our Las Vegas restaurant tour. We’re not yet sick of food. In fact, to see the crew gather with excitement around the plates of food as they were brought out to be photographed, you’d think we’d never seen food! And, in many ways, we haven’t seen food quite like this.

We’ll be writing full features about these restaurants so won’t give away too many details here, but let’s just say Timbers is like no bar food you’ve ever eaten. The tilapia dish made us all stop in our tracks to say, “oh!” That’s right—mixed in on the menu alongside the wings, the ribs and the meatloaf was an amazing tilapia. More on that to come. Especially the ribs.

Then there was Nora’s Wine Bar. From now on, when I’m asked about gorgeous food with great flavor, some of the dishes from Nora’s will have to be on the list. There was just something magical about the Stuffed Lemon Leaves—a beef, pork and lamb mixture grilled in lemon leaves, with a nice charring around the edges. And don’t get me started on the salt flight, the Artisan Meat Platter, or the Panna Cotta Trio.

Along the way, we talked with local media, including KVVU (nice piece on the evening news) and Food and Beverage magazine. We met with Katherine Jacobi of the Nevada Restaurant Association and learned how they support restaurants across the state . . . you may be surprised at how much impact the industry has. For example, did you know that every dollar spent generates 77 cents for the Nevada economy?

We also put out an endless stream of tweets, learned a little about some of the latest trends in wine, and met what have to be some of the more fascinating and most hospitable people in Las Vegas. David. Kathleen. Tony. Marcello. B’Anka. Michael. Oh, the stories they told!

We’ll bring you their stories and more over the next few weeks. In the meantime, we march on with the tour, wandering the streets of Vegas in search of new culinary experiences. Keep up with us on Twitter.

If you can. Our fingers are moving pretty fast!
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