Dieters' Holy Grail: Food That Fills You Up for Twice as Long

Dieters' Holy Grail: Food That Fills You Up for Twice as Long

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Dieters' Holy Grail: Food That Fills You Up for Twice as Long


By Cari Martens

Want to feel fuller for longer? Most people who are trying to lose weight would answer that question with a resounding ‘YES, please!’

Well, scientists in the UK are working on it. They have developed an olive oil-based mixture, which, when added to milkshakes in a study, dramatically reduced appetites. Now they are planning to add the emulsion to processed foods to determine if it has the same effect.

The mixture was developed by engineers working at the Institute of Food Research in Norwich, U.K. It contains olive oil, water and stabilizers used in the baking industry. Tests showed one particular blend kept those tested feeling full for 12 hours after eating.

The emulsion could be added to foods like burgers to make them seem twice as filling for longer.

Scientists have discovered that the mixtures of olive oil and water can be altered to affect how they react in the stomach. Commonly used stabilizers used in the food industry keeps the oil and water stable in the stomach. The mixture was flavored with coffee and given to volunteers in a milkshake-style beverage.

The bad news? A dietary supplement containing this emulsion ingredient is probably five years away, a spokesman from the IFR cautioned. But, hey, those five years will be up before you know it. Right?

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