Disposable Product Information and Rebates

Disposable Product Information and Rebates

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Disposable Product Information and Rebates


Black Plastic Hinged Lid Containers

The eye-catching shape, clear domes, and attractive black bases showcase your food to its full appetizing potential. Plus, the closure system “clicks” to indicated when it’s closed securely to keep the food fresh and prevent spillage. Perfect for complete Home Meal Replacement offerings as well as salads and sides available in a wide variety of sizes.


Elegant, secure, and durable trays are available in black and a variety of sizes. Features snap-tight lids for ease of transport and to keep food safe.

Polystyrene Foam Hinged Lid Containers

Crush-resistant, nonabsorbent construction insulates food in a lightweight form. Portion control and offering different foods in one package are made easy with divided compartments. Stackable and stable, they keep food organized and secure.

Clear Plastic Hinged Lid Containers

The lids close and stay closed for less mess and spillage. Airtight and leak resistant, they help assure customer satisfaction. The raised lid makes for more secure stacking, and the one-piece hinged design means you won’t have mismatched lids.

Foil Containers

Great for retaining delicate flavors and excellent temperature conductivity makes for fast reheating. This option is microwavable and available in a variety of sizes and combination packs.

Paper and Linen-like Napkins

Monogram napkins add style and presentation to your catering in a variety of ways, and they are competitively priced. Paper napkins are reliable and strong with a high degree of moisture protection. Linen-like napkins add a rich, elegant touch, and their soft texture actually feels like linen.

Monogram Product Catalog

With Monogram products, rest assured all the details will delight. That’s the promise we make every time you see the Monogram brand.

Monogram Sustain Disposables

The Monogram Sustain line was created to provide you with an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional foodservice disposables. Monogram Sustain products contain renewable resources and are also compostable, biodegradable, petroleum free and nontoxic.

Monogram Sustain Clear & Fiber Containers

The petroleum-free corn-based clear containers perform like traditional plastic and save 65% of resources versus petroleum-based plastic. The strong, durable fiber containers made from sugarcane can handle hot food up to 190€F. Engineered for improved performance over similar sugarcane products.

Monogram Sustain Hot and Cold Cups

These petroleum-free hot cups made with paper and lined with 100% PLA corn plastic can withstand temperatures up to 220ºF. Available in 12-oz. or 16-oz. Cold cups are made from corn, but feel and perform just like traditional plastic cups. The reinforced rim makes them very durable, especially when attaching lids. Available in 9-oz., 12-oz., 16-oz.and 20-oz.


Strong, durable, and sanitary, Monogram plastic cutlery saves time and money, all with style and elegance. Available in medium-weight, medium-heavy and heavyweight, in white, champagne, clear, and black.

Plastic Plates

Add quality to your catering presentation with Monogram plates. They come in good, better, and best quality levels to offer you maximum flexibility. Choose foam or nonfoam. With nonfoam options you get superior cut resistance and 40% less cube. Try the new Monogram premium plates for highest quality and best presentation.

Monogram 2010 Can Liners Rebate

Monogram Can Liners and Food Bags are made from the highest quality resins, providing you with superior puncture and tear resistance.


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