Feeling Stressed? Here's a Different Perspective

Feeling Stressed? Here's a Different Perspective

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Feeling Stressed? Here's a Different Perspective


Feeling stressed? Like your world is all turned upside down, and you’ll never get it all done before Christmas Day?

Well, try looking at things from another direction. That’s exactly what Paul Berkman, owner of Rutabegorz in Orange County did.

“I was under pressure, being Jewish, to have a Christmas tree,” says Berkman. “I said, ‘All right, how about we put it upside down. That’s how it started.”

Each year since, they’ve hung the tree from the ceiling. “We had miniature shellacked bagels on the tree initially,” he says. Since then, it’s grown into a community tradition at each of his locations.

Another tradition at Ruta’s is their Dollar Dip, featured every month. This month it’s Ruta’s Holiday Spread, a delicious dip made with cream cheese, Granny Smith apples, cranberries and walnuts. And the folks at Rutabegorz were kind enough to share the recipe with us. You’ll find it here.

“In the Fullerton store we do a kids coloring contest, too,” he says. “We put four gifts up and invite kids to come in and color.” The four winners climb up a ladder and choose their prize.”

So, if you are feeling like you can’t tell top from bottom during this busy season, take a minute and look at it a new way.

It worked for Berkman, who has turned his flexibility into a great way to treat his customers to a little holiday cheer. No matter what you are celebrating!

Speaking of celebrating, Rutabegorz is celebrating its 40th anniversary this coming year. To salute the occasion, the restaurant will be offering January’s Dollar Dip for just 40 cents! Andra says it’s going to be Texas Caviar with Avocados, made with Black Eyed Peas and served with tortilla chips. All for 40 cents during January! Wow.


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