Farmers Develop New Tomato That's Sweet As a Peach

Farmers Develop New Tomato That's Sweet As a Peach

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Farmers Develop New Tomato That's Sweet As a Peach


By Cari Martens

Nutritionists have long extolled the health benefits of the tomato. It’s rich in disease-fighting antioxidants such as lycopene, and high in vitamin C. But lots of kids—and some adults, too—are not crazy about the taste of tomatoes.

Well, a new sweeter tomato has just entered the scene that may be more to their liking. Farmers in Spain have developed a new variety that’s being touted as the sweetest tomato ever—sweet as a peach, they claim. The Sugardrop Tomato is the result of two years of cross breeding involving 3,000 varieties. The project was undertaken at the behest of Tesco, the giant British-based retailer.

Speaking to the UK’s Daily Mail, Ashleigh McWilliams of Tesco explained: ‘As tomatoes are so healthy we’re hoping that the added sweetness of the sugardrop will also appeal to children who might otherwise turn their noses up at them.’

The sugar drops are just now hitting the shelves in Europe, and they are expensive, relative to other varieties. They’re priced about four times higher than standard salad tomatoes.

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