'Tis the Holiday Season: Take a Deep Breath

'Tis the Holiday Season: Take a Deep Breath

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'Tis the Holiday Season: Take a Deep Breath


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I got an email the other day with the subject line, ‘take a deep breath.’ It was from a co-worker in our Chicago office who had recognized I was a bit tense—OK, a lot tense—and nicely wanted to help me gain some perspective.

December at _The Food Channel means a lot of things – last minute cookie shoots, filtering all the news releases with suggestions for food-oriented holiday gifts, going through our list of recipes from the past year to choose our favorites, and completing our forecast of the Top Ten Food Trends for the next year. There is a continual rush to complete, and we forget to ‘take a deep breath.’

Our Creative Director experienced it just last week. He and his wife were expecting a houseful of company the night we had a shoot. Of course, the shoot went long and they were an hour and a half late getting away. In the midst of the stress, he started getting calls from their dinner guests. ‘I’m running late,’ said one. ‘We’re going to be late,’ said the next. Beginning to see a trend here?

Instead of worrying, David went the other direction. Dinner’s a lot late, everyone’s coming a little late, so let’s just roll with it. They greeted their company while the turkey finished baking, kicked back with a little wine and great conversation, and focused on their friends and just being together.

They took a deep breath.

So, here’s our holiday wish for you, from the staff of The Food Channel. You guessed it: Take a deep breath. And, as you do, may you be blessed with the frequent scent of good food prepared with great friends!

While you breathe deeply, enjoy this quick video and get inspired to have friends and family over for a relaxing meal during this holiday season!


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