Fighting Germs on Grocery Cart Handles

Fighting Germs on Grocery Cart Handles

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Fighting Germs on Grocery Cart Handles


By Cari Martens

With the swine flu pandemic and seasonal influenza season in full flower, many of us are extra cautious about touching certain surfaces in public places, such as escalator and stair railings, faucets and door handles. People are pushing restroom doors open with their elbows or feet and greeting each other with a fist bump instead of a handshake. Hand sanitizer products are having a banner year.

Germ covered grocery shopping carts pose real problem for the flu-phobic. One company is working to nip that problem in the bud with a new patented shopping cart handle cover called HappiHandz.

“Shopping carts are a health hazard,” says HappiHandz inventor Claude Stringer, “and wipes only address some of the issue.”

A recent study showed that wipes left 78% of hospital surfaces at least partially contaminated. That’s bad news to shoppers who are counting on those wipes to protect themselves and their families from the host of germs flying around this winter and thriving on dirty shopping cart handles.

The HappiHandz Shopping Cart Cover acts as a self adhesive, biodegradable barrier that keeps hands clean while shopping and provides advertisers with a unique, inexpensive way to reach consumers by adding their logos to HappiHandz at local retailers. HappiHandz has assembled a national network of distributors to place HappiHandz displays in retail locations nationwide in time for Germs on Shopping Carts Awareness Day on January 3, 2010.

“I’m aiming to have 500,000 shoppers from each state…use them from January 3 to January 31,” says Stringer. “Let’s send a wake-up call to stores…ignoring the germs on cart handles that cause undocumented sickness and death.”

To learn more about the HappiHandz program you may visit the HappiHandz website.

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