Quick Tips for a Greener Thanksgiving

Quick Tips for a Greener Thanksgiving

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Quick Tips for a Greener Thanksgiving


Mother Earth has given us much to be thankful for, and one great way to thank her is to plan a Thanksgiving celebration that honors nature’s bounty. Here are some tips for those looking to make their Turkey Day feast a green one.

Get organic. This goes for everything from the table décor to the turkey itself. Stay away from flowers from a florist—which have probably been sprayed with pesticides. Decorate your table with little pots of organic herbs or plants. Use candles made of bee’s wax or soy instead of those that are petroleum-based.

Go with an organic free-range turkey. You’ll find they have more flavor than the big name brand birds anyway. You can order an organic bird online from a number of suppliers, including Lobel’s, GrassFed Traditions, and Williams-Sonoma.

Think recycled. If you need additional plates and bowls, try to buy ones made with sustainable or recycled materials—bamboo or acacia wood are good choices. Or consider buying vintage pieces from flea markets and antique shops, or borrowing from a friend or neighbor.

Stay local. Cook with locally-produced ingredients whenever possible. You can find them at farmers markets, farm stands, dairies, and health food stores. Wines from nearby wineries are often excellent choices—and try to buy those made from organic grapes.

Be biodegradable, especially at cleanup time. Use reusable cloths or recycled paper towels. Recycle those empty bottles, cans and paper.

Donate any unopened and unused foods to an area shelter. That will make you feel better, too.


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