From the Earth to the Table

From the Earth to the Table

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From the Earth to the Table


You don’t have to travel to California to taste the exquisite cuisine of wine country. From the Earth to the Table contains over 400 pages of recipes for any occasion. This award-winning cookbook offers an introduction that will take you on a journey to understand the connection between good wine and great food. Author John Ash expresses his belief in food as art.

This cookbook is loaded with recipes organized by course. Each recipe is accompanied with a Recommended Wine side bar. A very easy to read layout will make this cookbook a perfect accessory in any kitchen. In addition to covering the main courses, Ash includes a section specifically for vegetarians. Offering user-friendly options makes this cookbook appealing to cooks of all experience levels.

It is evident in flipping through the pages of this cookbook that the author took time to orient readers to the art and appreciation of wine in combination with the flavor of food. He concludes his masterful cookbook with appendices educating his readers on topics including: seafood sustainability, edible flowers and winery associations.


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