The World Goes Bananas for a Day

The World Goes Bananas for a Day

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The World Goes Bananas for a Day


By Cari Martens

Does it seem like the whole world is going bananas right now? Well, that was literally the case this weekend when advocates of fair trade campaigned to set the world record for banana consumption.

More than 300,000 people signed up, pledging to eat at least one banana during the 24 hours leading up to noon last Saturday.

Citizens from two fairtrade towns joined forces across the Atlantic Ocean via a video-link as part of the banana-eating record attempt. People in Media, Pennsylvania, and Garstang, Lancashire, UK, viewed each other eating the fruit on screen.

The Fairtrade Foundation is pushing to double the number of Fairtrade bananas sold by 2012. Harriet Lamb, the foundation’s executive director, said ‘We are calling on people to make a simple decision when they shop. By choosing Fairtrade, consumers are ensuring producers are given the chance to receive a minimum price and Fairtrade premium, which in turn enables them to earn a decent living and support their families.’

Banana eating and other themed events were scheduled throughout the UK to call attention to the fairtrade issue.

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